The Dirty Ep

by Good Morning Grizzly

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released June 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Good Morning Grizzly Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Captives
I was born, I was born with a young man's bones
I was born, I was born with a heart of stone
You saved me from a life that reeked of death
You took me from the bed where the devil slept
And all the while, I was foaming at the mouth
Ripping flesh and putting on my liar's crown
And all the while, you were speaking over me
The valiant guardian, you set the captives free
And my walls came down
And they all came crashing down
Beneath the crown

Beneath the endocrine, lies my bones
Weary from the paths that I have chose
Not broke, but not whole
And I saw my blood soaked stone
Lost within the river
Oh my soul, it longs for you
Found within the river
Oh my soul, it longs for you
Track Name: Dirty
I don't know what to do with you anymore
I'm closing all the curtains and I've locked the doors
You're not getting in
(You're not there)

Well, these marks on my arms
Are nothing compared to the scars in my mind
You lift me up, you break me down
You take me down to wherever you're feeling at the time

Oh my God
Track Name: Omaha
All I wanted was for you to come take my pain away
'Cause it's so much easier dealing with the blame
If you push it off on someone else's plate
And I'd be more than glad to give it all away

All I wanted was for you to unlock each and every door
'Cause all these locks I've picked have come to bore me
And I've realized the lies in our rapport
And realized I'm not welcome anymore

Well, is this what you wanted
For me to break, break, break
Or is this just some twisted game
Where you push me to the edge
To see what I can't take
Track Name: Dead Eyes
I was in the catacombs
Searching for a living soul
But all I found were the dead
And eyes that follow me
They were lurking in the shadows
Taking note of every step I chose
Waiting for me to slip
To take me down
To take me with you

And the hunger won't subside
Always full, but never satisfied
And my gut, oh God, it aches
For just another minute more
And I want it all, I want it all
The straight and narrow path
Will only ever break the fall
Oh, I want it all, I want it all

I never thought that this would
Be something I could not shake
It's taking over me now
It's in my blood and my veins
I never thought that this would
Be something to eat me whole
Forsaken all that I love
Abandoned all that I know

'Cause there's too many words
But not enough in the end
'Cause everybody wants it all
But nobody wants it all
The mark of the beast
The march towards oblivion
'Cause everybody wants it all
But nobody wants it all
Track Name: Lost in the Deep
Give me your heart
And I'll show you my teeth
'Cause the blood in your veins
Is the blood that I drink
I promise no harm
But my truth won't keep
'Cause I'm gone
Lost in the deep

I call out your name
In my time of need
This prison my home
But I don't have the key
I know where it's found
But my pride is heaped
'Cause I'm gone
Lost in the...

Speak to me
I haven't heard a single thing you've said in years
Say anything
Breathe in me
The visioned life I used to lead
Before I broke the lamp
That lit my weary feet

I want to know you
Like the man that's in the mirror
But I'm always changing
And you're always the same
(But my black heart will never change)